Work package 8 looks after the three pilot sites that are assessing the successful use of the C3-Cloud solutions. It is responsible for the definition, from a user perspective, of the requirements of the pilot application to improve the care of multi-morbid patients, which will feed the C3-Cloud architecture. This WP describes the requirements of the C3-Cloud Components implementation in each site by considering the differing characteristics of each pilot. WP8 also details the design of the C3-Cloud pilot application in pilot sites, ensuring data quality and readiness of the pilot sites before deployment. Eventually it also covers the deployment and operation of the C3-Cloud pilot application to real life settings, according to the three pilot sites.


Achievements to date

  • Guidance on how individual clinical guidelines can be reconciled for the automation of personalised care plan development.
  • Development of new organizational models for improved delivery of integrated care.
  • Guidelines for Management of Changes in the Models of Care Delivery, taking into account diversity of European national and regional systems.


Current status


Requirements and Use Cases of C3-Cloud Pilot Application

  • Definition of the specifications and requirements of the pilot application and scenarios, according with the conceptual design of C3-Cloud project.
  • Documentation of the current application landscape of the end-users describing the as-is situation
  • Development of detailed use case scenarios for coordinated patient-centred care


Design of C3-Cloud Pilot Application

Exploration in detail on how the solutions provided by C3-Cloud components can be deployed at each pilot site and what kind of extensions are needed.

  • Application Architecture
  • Technology Architecture
  • Deployment Architecture
  • Physical and Network Architecture
  • Non-functional Requirements

C3-Cloud Physical and Network Architecture

Deployment and Operation of C3-Cloud Pilot Application

  • Deployment of pilot application, based on the document prepared as a result of Task 8.2.
  • Description of the final delivery of C3-Cloud components
  • Detailed pilot application architecture and phased deployment process
  • During operation, application of the minor updates by the developer partners.

Intended Outcomes

Requirements and Use Cases of the Pilot Application

Detailed design of the implementation of C3-Cloud Pilot application

Deployment and operation of the pilot application to real life settings


D8.1 Use Cases and Requirement Specifications of the Pilot Application public
D8.2 Design of the Implementation of the Pilot Application Scenarios public
• D8.3 Deployment of C3-Cloud Pilot Application

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