• Identification of the evidence based clinical guideline definitions and flowcharts for individual chronic conditions
  • Implementation of several clinical decision support modules
  • Development of the Personalised Care Plan Development Platform (PCPDP)
  • Development of the Coordinated Care and Cure Delivery Platform (C3DP)
  • Integration of all the technical components implemented in WP5, WP6 and WP7 before deployment at the pilot sites

 Achievements to date

  • The clinical expert group of the C3-Cloud project have examined the clinical literature, and have identified four NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines to be followed for the management of for type 2 diabetes, renal failure, heart failure and depression.
  • The clinical expert group examined these guidelines and have designed several flowcharts that can be used as a guidance to ease the development of CDSs to personalization of the care plans addressing the individual needs of patients. National deviations on top of the NICE recommendations were also considered.
  • Based on these flowcharts, technical specifications of CDS services have been completed.
  • Clinical expert group have identified reconciliation rules to address Disease-Disease, Disease-Drug and Drug-Disease interactions between the recommendations of given by the flowcharts designed to address the needs of single conditions.
  • A total of 28 different CDS services have been implemented by WP7 consortium to automate the activity and goal suggestions provided the identified guidelines by also considering the reconciliations rules identified.
  • A drug interaction service is implemented based on NICE BNF drug interaction database
  • Implementation of the Coordinated Care and Cure Delivery Platform (C3DP) and its sub-component Personalised Care Plan Development Platform (PCPDP) has been finalized. A public demo of the system is available at https://app.srdc.com.tr/c3dp
  • The up and running C3DP was presented and demonstrated in Medical Informatics Europe conference (MIE 2018), held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 24-26 April 2018 and presented in 18th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC 2018) held in Utrecht, Netherlands on 23-25 May 2018 and demonstrated in the exhibition area of 19th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC 2019) held in San Sebastian, Spain on 1-3 April 2019.
  • Translation of all CDS outputs and C3DP interfaces to Spanish and Swedish has been completed.
  • Integration of all components (C3DP, C3-Cloud FHIR Repository, CDS Services, SPS, TIS, SIS and PEP) have been coordinated and finalized.
  • Integrated components have been successfully deployed to staging and production environments of all 3 pilot sites.

Current status/Activities

  • Supporting pilot applications and providing issue management and bug fixing for CDS Services, C3DP and PCPDP.

Intended Outcomes

The completion and validation of the Personalised Care Plan Development Platform (PCPDP) and the Coordinated Care and Cure Delivery Platform (C3DP), ready for commercial use and wide scale adoption.