The main objective of WP1 is to ensure effective project management and leadership, and co-ordination across work packages and partners, to enable project objectives to be met. Key activities include: the development and management of communication and collaboration channels, financial and reporting mechanisms, and quality assurance systems for activities and outputs; liaison with the European Commission; management and co-ordination of the administrative, scientific and technical work; leading on legal and compliance elements; and continuous screening of ethical aspects within the project with the support of the Ethics Committee.

 Achievements to date

All activities mentioned above to support the management and co-ordination of the project have been achieved, including the setting up of a Project Management Board, Scientific & Technical Management Board, Ethics Committee and Stakeholder Advisory Board to support collaboration and monitor progress. The project successfully passed its first review and had its first periodic report accepted by the EU Commission.

 Current status

Having established project management systems and processes earlier in the project, these are now being continuously utilized and will be until the project ends. Ahead of the pilot studies, there has been a recent focus on drafting GDPR compliant data processing agreements, and supporting the pilot sites to apply for ethical approvals.

 Expected final outcomes

The final expected outcome of this work package will be the successful achievement of project and specific work package objectives.



D1.1 Project presentation
• D1.2 First Yearly Action Plan
D1.3 Project Web Site
• D1.4 Quality Assurance Plan
• D1.5 First Activity and Management Report
• D1.6 Second Yearly Action Plan 
• D1.7 Data Protection Plan
• D1.8 Second Activity and Management Report
• D1.9 Third Yearly Action Plan
• D1.10 Third Activity and Management Report
• D1.11 Fourth Yearly Action Plan
• D1.12 Fourth Activity and Management Report
• D 1.13 Final Report 

Those marked with a  will be publicly available after approval.