Patient Empowerment

Chronic disease requires a fundamental shift from disease-centred to patient- and family-centred approach, combining self-management in the community with well-integrated professional support through the life-course [1]. The Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Framework (ICCCF), by WHO, provides a comprehensive framework for updating health care to meet the needs of chronic conditions by summarizing the basic elements for improvement in health systems at the policy level, health care organisation and community level, and the patient interaction level [2]

In C3-Cloud, the challenges addressed in the patient empowerment area are:

  • that patients are not often involved in care planning decisions, especially when addressing multiple conditions for which care plans are made with or by different professionals
  • that patients are not given education and tools to enable them to contribute to their own condition self-management.


C3-Cloud develops innovative technology solutions to better support patient empowerment

  • Self-management support is provided to patients and their informal care givers via the Patient Empowerment Platform. In C3-Cloud, the principles and practices of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program are used, as well as existing programmes in use at the local pilot sites.
  •  The Patient Empowerment Platform supports self-management that will actively monitor patient’s symptoms; enable the patient to see the set goals in his integrated care plan, the aimed time plan, and the list of treatment interventions to achieve these goals; and update his progress in achieving these goals. The Patient Empowerment Platform and supporting tools will stay in contact with the multidisciplinary care team through the Coordinated Care and Cure Delivery Platform for realizing shared decision making and real time monitoring of the patient’s status.


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