Why C3-Cloud?


The C3-Cloud project is tackling the following challenges through the development of digital tools to support multi-morbidity and integrated care.

Motivating Scenario

Read the two patient stories of Mrs Jane Bee and Mrs Brenda Jones on how C3-Cloud  can support integrated care delivery.

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Successes in medical research have meant that people are now living longer. As people live longer they are more likely to be living with different ongoing medical problems. When someone has two or more long-term health conditions, this is called “multi-morbidity.”

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The biggest challenge in poly-pharmacy management is that health professionals experience difficulties in applying ideal medication reviews in daily practice.

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Patient empowerment

Chronic disease requires a fundamental shift from disease-centred to patient- and family-centred approach, combining self-management in the community with well-integrated professional support through the life-course. 

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Personalised care planning

 As the number and complexity of health conditions increase over time and episodes of acute illness are superimposed, the type and number of care providers contributing to the care of individuals also increases. It becomes significantly more difficult to align and coordinate care across care teams and care settings. 

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Patients and caregivers

C3-Cloud is developing easy to use online programmes for patients and their caregivers to use, to better manage multiple conditions. 

Health and care professionals

C3-Cloud is developing care planning applications for multi-professional team use, to better co-ordinate care across diseases

Health and care provider organisations and health system funders

C3-Cloud is aligning clinical guidelines, streamlining care pathways and optimising multi-morbidity treatment options. 

Health ICT sector

The C3-Cloud solution is capable of integration as components or as a whole solution into different existing EHR systems.