Stakeholder Solutions

As people are living longer, they are more likely to be living with different ongoing medical problems.
Finding the best way to deal with this ‘multimorbidity’ can be challenging for patients, carers and clinicians.

C3-Cloud is developing innovative ICT systems to boost collaboration, care coordination and follow-up with the help of an online platform.

I am a patient or an informal caregiver

Get a clear overview of your
treatment steps, find useful
personalised  info, communicate with
your health professionals, take part
in the management of your disease

I am a health and care professional/ manager/ funder

Benefit from care planning
applications for multiprofessional
teams, aligned clinical
guidelines and streamlined
care pathways

I am a health
ICT developer

Integrate C3-Cloud
as a component or
as a whole solution
into your
EHR system