Digital Assistant for Patients & Caregivers

Possibly you, or someone close to you, suffer(s) from multiple long-term conditions, a situation referred to as ‘multimorbidity’.

As a result of this, you are most likely surrounded by different teams of health care professionals,

each of them giving you a list of health instructions to follow and medication to take.

You may have multiple appointments and have to undergo several tests.

Dealing with all this may be a challenge, both for you and the informal caregiver that assists you. That is why C3-Cloud is helping you to manage your daily health requirements.

Your daily digital assistant

We have developed a userfriendly digital tool optimized for multimorbidity patients like you, and your informal caregivers, that will help you to better follow up on your medical instructions and allow you to communicate more easily with your health team.

Practically, this ‘Patient Empowerment Platform’ provides you, in one central place, with:

  • Clarity on the daily actions you have to undertake through reminders on medication intake, appointments with your health or care professional etc.
  • The possibility to introduce information on your health condition, such as measurements or fill out questionnaires, so as to allow your health professional to monitoring your status closely.
  • Educational information on your disease, your diet, the activities to help you achieve your health goals …
  • Communication possibilities with your health and care professionals through chat, video interview or mail
Patient Empowerment Platform

For better health results

C3-Cloud is demonstrating how better care can be provided to patients with multiple chronic diseases by streamlining the care plans across diseases for better health results, better quality of life, lower health care utilisation and costs.

  • C3-Cloud allows your health and care professionals to collaborate more closely and better coordinate care across diseases.


  • Your health team will be able to monitor your status more closely through the information you provide them regularly via this platform


  • It will be easier for you to adhere to your treatment and take an active part in managing your health conditions.
  • 28 out of 36 respondents 77% 77%

of patients using the C3-Cloud solution agree that the platform supports them in managing their health conditions.

A patient´s perspective

Göran Jönsson is one of the patients in the Region Jämtland Härjedalen participating in the C3-Cloud project. He is also testing home monitoring of blood pressure and weight in C3-Cloud. These results are automatically transferred to C3-Cloud where both he and his doctor can see the results immediately. His blood pressure readings displayed in C3-Cloud have helped him and the doctor to see that there was no need to increase the medication.

“I have perfect blood pressure at home. So, when I had an appointment with the doctor and then had an elevated blood pressure, I just informed her to look at the results in C3-Cloud. When she saw all the good blood pressure readings I had, she agreed that there was no need to increase the medication”.

Real life scenarios

Read the stories of Mrs Jane Bee and Mrs Brenda Jones to see how C3-Cloud can support integrated care delivery.

Mrs Jane Bee: diabetes and heart failure collide

 Mrs Brenda Jones: an example of multimorbidity in harmony

Take positive steps for your own health

The C3-Cloud platform helps you take positive steps for your health and track your progress. This tool empowers you to contribute to the self-management of your condition. When your health care professional proposes this solution, be sure not to miss this opportunity!

35 out of 36 patient-respondents think they will find it easy to become skillful at using the C3-Cloud system. 

Supporting clinicians with multimorbidity patients

At the same time, we support clinicians and health services to better coordinate care to patients with multiple conditions. In this way we want to eliminate duplicate tests and unnecessary appointments and guarantee the best aligned treatments.

You can find more information on this topic on our pages meant for health and care professionals.


What is C3-Cloud?

C3-Cloud is a European Union funded research project piloted in 3 European regions in the UK, Spain and Sweden. It aims to develop personalised care plans for complex multimorbid patients, supported by ICT tools and managed by a coordinated multidisciplinary team.  



The challenges C3-Cloud is tackling:

  • multimorbidity
  • polypharmacy
  • patient empowerment or self management
  • personalised care planning