Integration Possibilities for the Health ICT Sector

Multimorbidity is a growing issue for healthcare systems, due to the ageing populations across Europe. EHR and care pathways systems handle multimorbidity variably, in part due to the lack of well-endorsed guidelines spanning multiple diseases.

Benefits of C3-Cloud

There are business drivers for healthcare providers to extend the functionality of their existing EHR and care plan systems to better handle multimorbidity and reduce polypharmacy. Patients can play a stronger role in self-management if they have well-designed devices and apps.


The C3-Cloud solution

  • A platform, tools, services and applications to support clinicians and patients with the planning, delivery and monitoring of multimorbidity care.
  • An HL7 FHIR-based repository into which relevant patient health data from heterogeneous EHR systems is imported, structurally and semantically harmonised.
  • Clinician-aligned guidelines for multimorbidity, computably represented within a care planning tool that enables clinicians and patients to jointly establish goals and activities.
  • The solution is capable of integration as components or as a whole solution into different existing EHR systems.
  • A self-management app for patients and caregivers, that is accessed by them via a mobile phone or home computer.
  • Robust technical and clinical validation at sites in three European countries.

Integration with other health ICT solutions

The C3-Cloud platform has been validated technically and clinically at sites in three European countries. Interested? Follow us on Twitter or get in touch:

Furthermore, some components of the C3-Cloud platform will be further developed by the EU-project Adlife as of 2020. You can find more info on their website or follow the Adlife project on Twitter.

What is C3-Cloud?

C3-Cloud is a European Union funded research project piloted in 3 European regions in the UK, Spain and Sweden. It aims to develop personalised care plans for complex multimorbid patients, supported by ICT tools and managed by a coordinated multidisciplinary team.  

Supporting patients and health & care professionals/managers managing multiple conditions

Our C3-Cloud platform supports multimorbid patients and their caregivers with easy to use online programmes to better manage their own health in between clinic visits.

Furthermore patients can introduce inputs (measurements, activities, care actions etc.) for their clinician to monitor closely.

At the same time, we support health and care professionals and services to better coordinate care to patients with multiple conditions. In this way we want to eliminate
duplicate tests and unnecessary appointments and guarantee the best aligned treatments.



The challenges we are tackling: 

  • multimorbidity
  • polypharmacy
  • patient empowerment or self management
  • personalised care planning