Coordinated Care for Health Sector Professionals/Managers

Due to ageing populations across Europe, we are seeing a rise of multimorbidity and polypharmacy. As a health sector professional or manager, you are undoubtedly experiencing the difficulty of managing care across diseases.

Most single condition guidelines have not been designed to be used easily alongside others, potentially leading up to patient safety risks. The increasing need for care co-ordination is hampered by a lack of information about how your patient is being managed by other healthcare professionals. This may lead to duplications of tests, multiple appointments, unnecessary treatment complexity and avoidable costs. This disjointed care threatens good health outcomes, and causes patients to lose trust and motivation.

Integrated care by a coordinated multidisciplinary team

C3-Cloud wants to fill the needs for more coordinated and personalised care planning, for multi-disease guidelines, for clinical decision support and more communication between health and care professionals, and patients. The results: better health outcomes for your patient, who will be more motivated to play an active part towards achieving his health goals.

Care plans for multiprofessional teams

C3-Cloud supports you with a Care Planning Platform which allows for:

  • well aligned and easily updatable guidelines and optimised multimorbidity treatment options, thanks to integration with several clinical decision support services, incl. for polypharmacy management
  • care plans personalised to the needs of each patient
  • collaboration tools for the multi-disciplinary care team (messaging, calendar, notifications …)
  • possibility to track your patients’ progress as they are prompted to put in feedback while they manage their own health in between medical visits
Care Planning Platform

The tool provides you with comprehensive overviews on the global care planning by all health and social care professionals.

Integration of personalized care data

  • Our platform integrates data from each patient’s Electronic Health Record, making it easier to personalise a care plan to the needs of your patient.


  •  C3-Cloud is fully compliant with the EU GDPR to protect patient privacy.
“The most recent EHRs of the patient are collected from the local care sites and automatically processed by clinical decision support systems to propose personalized care plan goals and activity suggestions to the care team members”

Real life scenarios

Read the stories of Mrs Jane Bee and Mrs Brenda Jones to see how C3-Cloud can support integrated care delivery.

Mrs Jane Bee: diabetes and heart failure collide

 Mrs Brenda Jones: an example of multimorbidity in harmony

The most efficient and coordinated care

C3-Cloud is now in pilot phase for four high prevalence long term conditions: diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure and depression.

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Supporting patients managing multiple conditions

The C3-Cloud platform not only supports health sector professionals, it supports patients with multimorbidity, and their caregivers, with easy to use online programmes to better manage their own health in between clinic visits.

Furthermore they can introduce inputs (measurements, activities, care actions etc.) for you to monitor closely. Patients taking an active part towards their health goals.

You can find more information on this topic on our pages meant for patients and their caregivers.


What is C3-Cloud?

C3-Cloud is a European Union funded research project piloted in 3 European regions in the UK, Spain and Sweden. It aims to develop personalised care plans for complex multimorbid patients, supported by ICT tools and managed by a coordinated multidisciplinary team.  



The challenges C3-Cloud is tackling:

  • multimorbidity
  • polypharmacy
  • patient empowerment or self management
  • personalised care planning