Region Jämtland Härjedalen Pilot

Region Jämtland Härjedalen (RJH) overview

RJH’s legal status is a County Council. Its main responsibility is primary and secondary healthcare, as well as regional development in a region of approximately 130,000 inhabitants. RHJ also works with preventative measures and dentistry. Secondary healthcare is carried out at the sole hospital in the only town of the region – Östersund Hospital – where there are 416 beds and 51 out-patient clinics. Primary healthcare is carried out in 28 locations in the sparsely-populated region, while home and social care are the responsibilities of its eight municipalities. There are roughly 4,000 employees in 100 different professions in RJH, and around 93% of the total budget is allocated to healthcare. As a relatively small but pro-active healthcare organisation, RJH has the experience and advantage of deploying and implementing eHealth innovations on a wide-scale.

RJH has a well-established common EHR (e-prescriptions included) for all primary and secondary care. Other activities in the eHealth area include video conference systems, video appointments from patients’ homes with doctors at the hospital and primary care centres, as well as with nutritionists. In the southern part of the region, there are three healthcare centres that run emergency rooms off-hours. These rooms employ digital solutions where a nurse and patient are remotely connected with a physician. Follow-ups have shown positive results as to medical quality, cost reductions and fewer transfers of patients to the hospital ER. RJH also administers patient self-managed eHealth rooms in some villages. Here, patients are able to do health check-ups (e.g. blood tests) and real time video interaction, and results are entered into the EHR system. Large-scale self-measurements among primary care patients using electronic weight scales and blood pressure measurers communicating with the carers are being launched this year.

As part of RJH, the R&D unit oversees education, including parts of the training for all medical personnel. R&D and its Project Office are responsible for and collaborates mainly within EU developmental projects. The Project Office functions as a resource to internal and external project partners, and also acts as a networking resource in that it takes the project results onto a larger marketplace.

The R&D Project Office is located at the eHealth Centre of RJH. A Centre that was created to strengthen and speed up the transformation of the healthcare sector with the assistance of digital tools regarding products and services. Placed in an 850 square meter office and demonstration area, employees from healthcare and e-Health of RJH and municipalities work alongside SMEs and corporations -, regional, national and international, to enhance the development of e-Health.


C3-Cloud will be piloted at eight healthcare centres, in urban Östersund as well as in rural parts of the region, up to 160 km from the city. Participating healthcare centres (HC) are Backe HC, Föllinge HC, Frösö HC, Krokom HC, Lugnvik HC, Odensala HC, Ripan HC, and Zätagränd HC. At all healthcare centres doctors (mostly specialists in family medicine) and nurses, including diabetic nurses, are involved in C3-Cloud. In some healthcare centres other professions might be involved according to the local organisation´s needs. Additionally, nurses in municipality care in three municipalities (Krokom, Strömsund, and Östersund) are involved, resulting in a total number of about 75 healthcare personnel involved in C3-Cloud.


215 patients will enter the main study in C3-Cloud. 10-15 patients from Krokom health centre will test the usability of weight scales and/or blood pressure measurers with an automatic integration that displays measurements to C3-Cloud.


Health care centres in Region Jämtland Härjedalen

Healthcare centres in the municipality of Östersund:

  • Frösö health centre
  • Lugnvik health centre
  • Odensala health centre
  • Zätagränd health centre
  • Ripan  health centre

C3-Cloud Overview

Intervention Flowchart in Region Jämtland Härjedalen