The purpose of C3-Cloud

C3-Cloud is a research project that aims to develop personalised care plans for complex multimorbid patients, supported by ICT tools and managed by a coordinated multidisciplinary team. We promote integrated care and the involvement of the patient and/or caregiver. C3-Cloud is funded by the European Union. Three pilots are focussing on four high prevalence long term conditions: diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure and depression.

The challenges C3-Cloud is tackling


More and more people are living with different ongoing medical problems


A special challenge when dealing with multiple health conditions is that patients often need to take multiple medications

Patient empowerment

The patient-centred approach combines active self-management by the patient with well-integrated professional support

Personalised care planning

It is crucial for collaborating health and social care givers to be able to develop personalised care plans


Several target groups benefit from the C3-Cloud solutions.

Patients and their informal caregivers

C3-Cloud is very much a daily digital assistant for multimorbid patients. The userfriendly digital tool will help patients and their informal carers better follow up on medical instructions and allow them to communicate more easily with their health team.

Furthermore, C3-Cloud is demonstrating how better care can be provided to patients with multiple chronic diseases by streamlining the care plans across diseases for better health results, better quality of life, lower health care utilisation and costs. More info


Health & care professionals / managers / funders

C3-Cloud wants to fill the needs for more coordinated and personalised care planning for multimorbid patients, for multidisease guidelines, for clinical decision support and more communication between health and care professionals, and patients.

This integrated care provided by a coordinated multidisciplinary team will lead to more cost-effective, safer health and better health outcomes. Patients will be more motivated to play an active part towards achieving their health goals. More info


Health ICT developers

There are business drivers for healthcare providers to extend the functionality of their existing EHR and care plan systems to better handle multimorbidity and reduce polypharmacy. C3-Cloud provides a platform, tools, services and applications to support clinicians and patients with the planning, delivery and monitoring of multimorbidity care. More info