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Work Package 1 – Project Management

D1.1 Project presentation
• D1.2 First Yearly Action Plan 
D1.3 Project Web Site
• D1.4 Quality Assurance Plan 
• D1.5 First Activity and Management Report 
• D1.6 Second Yearly Action Plan 
• D1.7 Data Protection Plan 
• D1.8 Second Activity and Management Report 
• D1.9 Third Yearly Action Plan 
• D1.10 Third Activity and Management Report 
• D1.11 Fourth Yearly Action Plan  
• D1.12 Fourth Activity and Management Report 
D1.13 Final Report 


Work Package 2 – Dissemination, Exploitation and Innovation Related Activities

• D2.1 Data Management Plan
• D2.2 Business and Exploitation Plan 
 D2.3 Dissemination Plan (a) 
• D2.4 Business and Exploitation Plan (b) 
D2.5 Dissemination Plan (b) 
• D2.6 Intellectual Property Rights Agreement 
• D2.7 Report on Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (a) 
• D2.8 Business and Exploitation Plan (c) 
D2.9 Dissemination Plan (c)
• D2.10 Business and Exploitation Plan (d) 
D2.11 Dissemination Plan (d)
• D2.12 Report on Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (b) 
• D2.13 Final Business Plan 
D2.14 Report on Industry Liaison 


Work Package 3 – Design of C3-Cloud System Architecture

D3.1 Survey of the State of the Art
D3.2 Requirements Specification of the C3-Cloud Architecture
D3.3 Conceptual Design of the C3-Cloud Architecture 


Work Package 4 – Patient Pathway and Organisational Model Development & Change Management

D4.1 Guidance for the Development of New Patient Pathways and Corresponding Care Plans
D4.2 New Organisational Models for Improved Delivery of Integrated Care
D4.3 Updated Guidance for the Development of New Patient Pathways and Corresponding Care Plans
D4.4 Guidelines for Management of Changes in the Models of Care Delivery 


Work Package 5 – Patient Empowerment Platform

D5.1 Self-Management Training Materials for Increasing Patient Adherence to Care Plans
D5.2 Data Collection and Feedback Mechanism
D5.3 Responsive Multi-Channel Patient Empowerment Platform 


Work Package 6 – Interoperability Middleware

D6.1 C3-Cloud Technical Interoperability Implementation Guidelines and Open Source Toolkits
D6.2 C3-Cloud Semantic Interoperability Platform
D6.3 Open Source Privacy and Security Toolkits for the C3-Cloud Architecture 


Work Package 7 – Coordinated Care and Cure Delivery Platform

D7.1 Evidence Based Clinical Guideline Definitions and Flowcharts for Individual Chronic Conditions
D7.2 Clinical Decision Support Modules for Personalised Care Plan Development and Execution
D7.3 Personalised Care Plan Development Platform 
D7.4 C3-Cloud Coordinated Care and Cure Delivery Platform 


Work Package 8 – C3-Cloud Pilot Application Development & Deployment

D8.1 Use Cases and Requirement Specifications of the Pilot Application
D8.2 Design of the Implementation of the Pilot Application Scenarios
D8.3 Deployment of C3-Cloud Pilot Application 


Work Package 9 – Evaluation and Impact Assessment

• D9.1 Functional and Non-functional Testing Criteria for C3-Cloud Components
D9.2 Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Criteria for C3-Cloud Pilot Application
D9.3 Test and Evaluation Report for C3-Cloud Components 
D9.4 User Training Materials and Preparation Outcomes 
D9.5 Interim Evaluation Results for the C3-Cloud Pilot Application 
D9.6 Final Result of Evaluation and Modelling Large-Scale Impact of the C3-Cloud Pilot Application 


Work Package 10 – Ethics Requirements

• D10.1 Audit of the security measures implemented 
• D10.2 Planned procedures and criteria for recruiting the research participants  
• D10.3 Opinions and Approvals of competent Data Protection and Research Ethics bodies 
• D10.4 Planned procedures for informed consent of research participants  
• D10.5 Final report on the procedures implemented to protect the research subjects