Work Packages

The work plan of the C3-Cloud project is divided into a series of work packages which are responsible for different activities in the project.

All work packages

1: Project Management

Objectives The main objective of WP1 is to ensure effective project management and leadership, and co-ordination across work packages and partners, to enable project objectives to be met. Key activities include: the development and management of communication and...

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2: Project dissemination and large-scale adoption

Objectives The main activities of this work package are to define and implement a dissemination strategy for the project, to define and implement a plan for exploiting the sustainable components of the project including working with external vendors on downstream...

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3: Design of C3-Cloud System Architecture

Work package 3 deals with the design of the C3-Cloud solution (its system architecture). It is responsible for collecting the requirements from the C3-Cloud stakeholders, such as user requirements from patients and clinicians, as well as technical requirements, such...

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4: Patient Pathways and Organisational Models

Objectives Work package 4 considers how the health systems in the three pilot site countries, the clinical teams and other professionals working in the hospitals and general practices involved, will need to work differently when using C3-Cloud solutions. It has...

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5: Patient Empowerment Platform

Objectives   Work package 5 is responsible for designing and building the patient empowerment platform. This is the application that will be used by patients and their caregivers for self management of multiple health conditions, and for tracking their preventive...

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6: Interoperability Middleware

Objectives   Work package 6 is responsible for developing the software that connects C3-Cloud to the electronic health records at each of the healthcare organisations involved in the study, for developing the software to integrate data from different database...

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7: Coordinated Care and Cure Platform

Objectives Identification of the evidence based clinical guideline definitions and flowcharts for individual chronic conditions Implementation of several clinical decision support modules Development of the Personalised Care Plan Development Platform (PCPDP)...

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8: C3-Cloud Pilot Applications

 Objectives Work package 8 looks after the three pilot sites that are assessing the successful use of the C3-Cloud solutions. It is responsible for the definition, from a user perspective, of the requirements of the pilot application to improve the care of...

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9: Evaluation and impact assessment

Objectives Work package 9 leads the evaluation and impact assessment of the project technology trial. It defines a layered approach to evaluate the technical and organizational structure of the C3-Cloud system. With continuous testing activities it ensures the quality...

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