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better manage multiple health conditions

We provide collaboration, care coordination and follow-up tools for patients, caregivers and clinicians to achieve high quality integrated care and better health outcomes

As people are living longer, they are more likely to be living with different ongoing medical problems.
Finding the best way to deal with this ‘multimorbidity’ can be challenging for patients, caregivers and clinicians.

C3-Cloud is developing innovative ICT systems to boost collaboration, care coordination and follow-up with the help of an online platform.
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I am a patient or an informal caregiver

Get a clear overview of your treatment steps, find useful personalised  info, communicate with your health professionals, take part in the management of your disease

I am a health and care professional/ manager/ funder

Benefit from care planning applications for multiprofessional teams, aligned clinical guidelines and streamlined care pathways

I am a health ICT developer

Integrate C3-Cloud
as a component or
as a whole solution
into your EHR system


of people aged 65 and over are estimated to live with multimorbidity (1)
  • 2015 9% 9%
  • 2035 17% 17%
Multimorbidity with 4+ diseases is expected to almost double in 20 years time (2)

Challenges C3-Cloud is tackling


More and more people are living with different ongoing medical problems


Health professionals experience difficulties in applying ideal multimedications reviews in daily practice

Patient empowerment

The patient-centred approach combines self-management with well-integrated professional support

Personalised care planning

It is crucial to align and coordinate multidisease care across growing multidisciplinary care teams and care settings

So far,
225 patients and several informal caregivers,
60 multidisciplinary healthcare professional teams,
in three countries
have used the C3-Cloud solutions

Latest News

ICIC 2020 abstract accepted for oral presentation

Our abstract has been accepted for oral presentation at the 20th International Conference on Integrated Care, in April 2020,  Šibenik, Croatia. Dr Dolores Verdoy from Kronikgune Institute for Health Service Research will present the implementation and operation of...

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C3-Cloud is a research project that aims to develop personalised care plans for complex multimorbid patients, supported by ICT tools and managed by a coordinated multidisciplinary team. We promote integrated care and the involvement of the patient and/or caregiver. C3-Cloud is funded by the European Union. Three pilots are focussing on four high prevalence long term conditions: diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure and depression. More info

(1) Onder G, et al. Time to face the challenge of multimorbidity. A European perspective from the joint action on chronic diseases and promoting healthy ageing across the life cycle (JA-CHRODIS). European Journal of Internal Medicine. 2015;26(3):157–159
(2) Kingston A et al. Projections of multi-morbidity in the older population in England to 2035: estimates from the Population Ageing and Care Simulation (PACSim) model – Age and Ageing, Volume 47, Issue 3, May 2018, Pages 374–380,