Motivating C3-Cloud Scenario

The challenges and how C3-Cloud addresses them

The following use-case scenarios demonstrate interaction between the C3-Cloud approach, patients and the wider multidisciplinary care team (MDT). We present two patient stories – Mrs Jane Bee and Mrs Brenda Jones. These just act as exemplars, illustrating the potential the C3-Cloud approach has to deliver integrated care and improved patient outcomes. The second story does not necessarily describe the exact set of features and components that C3-Cloud will deliver; or the exact set of chronic diseases that C3-Cloud will address. Furthermore, the first story intends to present a general overview of disconnected care in Europe, which can be accepted as the norm, on average. However, we are aware that there are regions which are in a better position in integrated care delivery, including our pilot site Basque Country. Yet, C3-Cloud integrated care approach and supporting bundle of loosely-coupled ICT components are able to improve care coordination even in these advanced regions.