Interoperability Middleware

The Interoperability Middleware addresses technical, semantic and privacy/security interoperability challenges to seamlessly integrate with the existing health care, social care and home/community care information systems for enabling patient-centric interoperable care coordination in an informed manner with the involvement of all stakeholders.


The Interoperability Middleware contains three components:

The Technical Interoperability Suite enables seamless data exchange between the local care systems and the C3-Cloud components. It provides a standard-based data exchange protocol, in order to enable information exchange between pilot sites and C3-Cloud components, such as C3DP.  

The Semantic Interoperability Suite addresses the challenge of heterogeneous clinical data representation formats. It handles both structural mappings among different information models and resolves semantic mismatches due to the use of different terminology systems and different compositional aggregations, as used to represent the same clinical concept.  

The Security and Privacy Suite has been developed, based on open source toolkits for authentication and authorization of care team members and for ensuring encrypted and auditable data exchange across C3-Cloud software components. 

More technical information is available on the

Technical Interoperability Suite:
product sheet and  flyer

Semantic Interoperability Suite:
 product sheet and  flyer.