Friday 28th August 2020
Virtual full day conference
Discover how digital health tools can enable health systems to respond to the escalating challenge of multimorbidity through providing more personalised and empowering care.

During this grand finale of the EU sponsored C3-Cloud project you will learn how the innovative C3-Cloud ICT solution assists

Multidisciplinary healthcare teams in defining integrated and optimised multimorbidity treatments through

  • well aligned multi-disease guidelines
  • several clinical decision support services
  • the creation of personalised care plans, linking to data of each patient’s electronic health record.
Patients to contribute to the self-management of their condition through

  • access to their own care plan via a (mobile) patient empowerment platform
  • sharing current health data with their multi-professional care team for monitoring
  • joint decision making
Sustaining the C3-Cloud solution

C3-Cloud has been designed, implemented and evaluated in three healthcare environments in Spain, Sweden and the UK. It is now being sustained through a number of pathways that will be explained in the conference.



09:00 CET
  • Theo Arvanitis, C3-Cloud Coordinator
  • Orestis Kalliantzidis, Policy and Programme Officer, European Commission
Societal challenge of multimorbidity and polypharmacy


  • Robert Vander Stichele, Prof. of Clinical Pharmacology, University Ghent
    Polypharmacy from a clinical perspective
  • Theo Arvanitis, University of Warwick
    C3-Cloud mission and high-level achievements in the area of multimorbidity
  • Chris Marguerie, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust
    Clinical perspective and challenges of multiple guidelines
  • George Despotou, University of Warwick
    Drug-drug interaction service in C3-Cloud
Integrated care solutions
  • Mikael Lilja, Göran Larsson and Marie Sherman, Region Jämtland Härjedalen
    How C3-Cloud enables better integrated care in Sweden
C3-Cloud solution demonstration
  • Mustafa Yüksel, SRDC, and Pontus Lindman, MEDIXINE
Interoperability of systems
  • Catherine Chronaki, Secretary General, HL7 International Foundation
    International Patient Summary standards connected to EHRs: Lessons learned in Trillium II project
  • Gokce Banu Laleci Erturkmen, SRDC
    C3-Cloud architecture and solution
Clinical decision support
  • Thomas Beale, Chief Architect, openEHR Foundation
    Success factors for guideline and clinical decision support in task planning and EHRs
  • Rong Chen, CEO, Cambio CDS
    Clinical decision support with GDL in C3-Cloud
Patient empowerment and self-management
  • Nhu Tram
    Patient perspective
  • Pontus Lindman, MEDIXINE
    Benefits and challenges of patient empowerment platforms
Information sharing and change management
  • Nathan Lea, Senior Research Associate, University College London
    GDPR and the challenges of integrated care
  • Tim Robbins, Academic Medical Registrar, University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust
    Diabetes perspective of organisational and change management
  • C3-Cloud pilot sites and Gunnar Klein, Ethics Manager
    Experience in the 3 pilots sites
What’s Next?
  • Malte von Tottleben,  empirica
    Evaluating C3-Cloud to plan for future development
  • Theo Arvanitis,  University of Warwick
    C3-Cloud business and exploitation plans
  • Esteban de Manuel, KRONIKGUNE
    ADLIFE project
  • C3-Cloud pilot sites
    Healthcare management and sustainability
Closing remarks
Who should attend?

 Health professionals and healthcare managers
 Patient organisations
 Regional and European health authorities, health insurers
 The health ICT industry
 Scientists conducting research into multimorbidity or digital health

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