Coordinated Care & Cure Delivery Platform

C3-Cloud’s Coordinated Care & Cure Platform is the C3-Cloud System for healthcare professionals to collaboratively create and manage personalised care plans of patients with multimorbidities, as part of a multidisciplinary care team. Healthcare professionals  can create a care plan for the patient using information from the local healthcare IT systems. Once the care plan has been approved by a General Practitioner or other appropriate healthcare professional, the care plan is available to the patient on the C3-Cloud’s Patient Empowerment Platform. The patient can view and use the care plan created together with the members of the care team.

The aim of the C3-Cloud System for Healthcare Professionals is the creation and execution of personalized care plans for patients with multimorbidity, with assistance from Clinical Decision Support Services for recommendation reconciliation, polypharmacy management and goal setting.

Main functionalities

You will find an overview of the main functionalities in the screenshots below or you can view the video on the right.

Reviewing patient medical summary via integration with local care sites

Medical History View: Patient conditions, medications and observations, with weight chart

Care Plan creation, and editing with user friendly graphical interfaces

Care Plan Viewing: Goals for the patient

Care Plan Viewing: Activities in the patient’s care plan

Integration with several clinical decision support services for risk prediction and stratification, recommendation reconciliation, poly-pharmacy management and personalised goal and activity suggestions

Care Plan Editing: Personalised goal suggestions

Tracking patient activities and measurements via integration with Patient Empowerment Platform

Collecting feedback and questionnaires from patients via integration with Patient Empowerment Platform

Patient Date View: Observations and questionnaires that the patient has recorded via the Patient Empowerment Platform

Calendar for plan activities

Messaging among multidisciplinary team

Notifications between care team members about care plan activities

Messaging among care professionals and patients via integration with Patient Empowerment Platform