The Basque Country (Euskadi) has a universal health insurance system which is financed through general taxes. The public healthcare provider is Servicio Vasco de Salud – Osakidetza. All the public hospitals and primary care centers of the Basque Region are under this governmental organisation. The Basque Health System is composed of 13 Integrated Care Organizations (OSIs) and includes 324 primary care centers, 11 acute hospitals (4,100 beds), 4 sub-acute hospitals (500 beds), 4 psychiatric hospitals (777 beds) and 2 contracted long term mental health hospitals. Osakidetza has a target population of more than 2 million inhabitants. Currently, aging and chronic conditions account for 80% of the medical consultations in the Basque Country taking 75% of the total health budget.t.

Project Role

Osakidetza is one of the end-users (i.e. pilot sites) of the C3-Cloud project. Osakidetza will be strongly involved in all tasks of WP1 “Project Management”, WP2 “ Dissemination, Exploitation and Innovation Related Activities” and WP3 “Design of C3-Cloud System Architecture”, especially in Task 3.3 “Conceptual Design of C3-Cloud Architecture”. In WP4 “Patient Pathway and Organizational Model Development & Change Management”, Osakidetza will be highly involved in the exploration of new patient pathways and corresponding care plans in Task 4.1 and will lead the development of new organizational models for improved delivery of integrated care in Task 4.2. Osakidetza will also be strongly involved in the change management for new ways of care delivery, Task 4.3 of WP4. Osakidetza will participate in the Development of the Patient Empowerment Platform (Task 5.3) and the Technical Interoperability Platform from WP6. Osakidetza will be participating in WP7 “Coordinated Care and Cure Delivery Platform”, identifying the evidence based clinical guidelines (Task 7.1). Osakidetza will also be strongly involved in the clinical requirements of the Clinical Decision Support (Task 7.2) and in the development of PCPDP and C3DP platforms (Tasks 7.3 and 7.4) in WP7.

As one of the pilot sites of C3-Cloud, Osakidetza will also strongly contribute to tasks 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 (Requirements and Use Cases of C3-Cloud Pilot Application, Design and Deployment and Operation of C3-Cloud Pilot Application) of WP8. Finally, Osakidetza will also strongly participate in all tasks of WP9 “Evaluation and Impact Assessment” with especial mention to Task 9.2 “Evaluation and Validation of C3-Cloud Components” and to Task 9.5 “Modelling Large-Scale Impact”. Regarding the latter Task Osakidetza, along with empirica, will develop and validate an innovative large-scale impact modelling tool, by merging Predictive Modelling of Resource Use tool developed by Osakidetza in CareWell project and the cost-benefit analysis tool of empirica for innovative ICT services (ASSIST).

Related Expertise

Several pilots on remote monitoring for chronic patients (COPD, Asthma, Heart Failure and diabetes) and patient empowerment (Active Patient) have already been implemented in the Basque Public Health Provider. Moreover, the Public Basque Health Provider (Osakidetza) offers a unique perspective in that they have already developed guidelines and a model for integrated care for multi-morbid patients, supported by complex information systems such as the EHR, Personal Health folder, e-Prescription and Multichannel Communication Service.

The Team

Antonio de Blas

WP4 leader and Task 4.2 leader, WP5 Team member, WP8 Team member, WP9 Team member and Ethical Committee (WP10) Team member.

Nicolás González

PMB member, WP2 Team Member, WP3 Team member, WP6 Team member, WP7 Team member and WP8 Team member.