Medixine Ltd. is one of the world leaders in e-services for health care. Our mission is to support the paradigm change from provider centric care to patient centric care. Medixine combines expertise in health care, software technology and traditional and mobile Internet services to yield smooth communication processes between healthcare providers, patients and their families. We also provide self-service tools for independent citizens.

Medixine’s cloud software product Medixine Suite provides everything a health care provider needs to offer e-services to patients. This includes video meetings, secure chat, secure messaging, questionnaires, health coaching, remote monitoring and more. The solution is easy to localise and scalable. End users can use mobile phones, tablets, PCs, even automatic phone calls or SMS to communicate. Medixine has 15 patents and patent applications protecting the product and have won several international prizes. Medixine solutions have already been used for over 300.000 patients.

Medixine is ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 (design and manufacture of medical devices) certified. Our products are CE Mark certified according to the European Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC).

Project Role and Expertise

Medixine is the leader of WP5 and its tasks 5.2 and 5.3. WP5 goal is to develop the Patient Empowerment Platform component of the C3 Cloud Architecture. The Patient Empowerment Platform will be based on the Medixine Suite product. Medixine is also the leader of Task 2.3 and will coordinate the joint effort of all project partners to manage IP and patents. In addition, Medixine will participate strongly in the design of the C3-Cloud Architecture in WP3; and in WP6 and WP7 tasks related to the integration of the Patient Empowerment Platform to the components developed in these work packages. Medixine supports actively the piloting of the C3-Cloud concept in the project pilots (WP8) and participates in the WP9 testing, evaluation and validation of C3-Cloud Components.

The Team

Tapio Jokinen

M.D University of Helsinki, specialist in clinical neurophysiology, special competence in healthcare IT. Founder and president of Medixine Ltd. Publications in the fields of neurophysiology and healthcare IT, 12 international patents and patent applications.

Pontus Lindman

a healthcare IT professional with experience from product management, product development, project management and enterprise system and software development for healthcare industry at Medixine Oy 2000-present and for paper industry at Tieto Oy from 1995 to 2000.

Otto Teinonen
M.Sc. Aalto University, has worked in ICT companies for the past 10 years of which 7 years at Medixine. Currently holding the position of CTO he has previously worked as a developer and systems architect. In university he double-majored in industrial management and information technology. During his time at Medixine he has participated in many projects in healthcare IT and both actively participated in and directed the product development of Medixine Suite.