Kronikgune Team

Kronikgune is an international excellence research centre specialized on chronicity. It entrusts institutional representation on international projects and actions aimed at developing products and services and their deployment for the whole Basque population (2,2M inhabitants). The aim of this research centre is to enable innovative practices and the structured generation of scientific evidence regarding chronicity and health services sustainability. Kronikgune is constituted by more than 300 researchers that belong to the Basque Public Health Service (Osakidetza) grouped into 31 research groups. These research groups follow a scientific research program which is clustered into 6 interconnected areas: population focus, health promotion and disease prevention, patient autonomy, continuity of care, adapted interventions and research on results.

Project Role

Kronikgune will be strongly involved in all tasks of WP1 “Project Management” (with the exception of Task 1.4 Ethical Management), WP2 “Dissemination, Exploitation and Innovation Related Activities” and WP3, “Design of C3-Cloud System Architecture”, with higher involvement in Task 3.3 (Conceptual Design). In WP4, “Patient Pathwayand Organisational Model Development & Change Management”, Kronikgune will strongly participate in Task 4.2, “Development of New Organisational Models for Improved Delivery of Integrated Care” and Task 4.3 “Change Management for New Ways of Care Delivery”. In WP5 “Patient Empowerment Platform”, Kronikgune will participate actively in Task 5.1 “Development of Training Material for Increasing patient Adherence to Care Plans”.Kronikgune will lead WP8 “C3-Cloud Pilot Application Development & Deployment, and will be the main responsible for Task 8.2 “Design of C3-Cloud Pilot Application”. It will also be strongly involved in the deployment and operation of the application (Task 8.3). Kronikgune will participate in WP9 “Evaluation and Impact Assessment”, in Tasks 9.1, 9.2 “Component Testing and Usability Studies”, and 9.3 “Pilot application Evaluation”. Finally, Kronikgune will lead Task 9.4 “Exploratory Trial Preparation-User Training Workshops”.

Kronikgune has the expertise and the means to coordinate this pilot experience and lead the required Tasks as stated in the “expertise” section above.

Related Expertise

Kronikgune currently participates in 8 European projects, mainly related to research and implementation of innovative health care delivery integration systems.

Kronikgune’s area of expertise comprises the study of the health services necessary for the management of chronic disease, evaluation of health services and identification of determinants in the management of chronicity, with a common framework that integrates both social and health aspects.

Kronikgune analyses strategies for health promotion, including individual and structural actions and action models in community health; studies stratification models and their usefulness to predict needs and adequacy of resources for chronic patients; the design of personalized care (care management for high-risk patients, chronic patient integrated, multidisciplinary collaborative care programs); best models and management services for chronicity, including funding, contracting services, integrated care systems, technologies or new professional roles; strategies and advanced methods of decision making, organisational transformation and innovation, including research in developing new products and technologies for e-health (diagnosis, support, monitoring, coordination).

Moreover, Kronikgune is representing the Department of Health of the Basque Government in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA), and is leading the action area on Risk Stratification of the B3 Action Plan on Integrated Care.

The Team

Esteban de Manuel

PMB member, WP2 Team member, WP3 Team member, WP4 Team member, WP5 Team member, WP8 leader and Task 8.2 leader, WP9 Team member and Ethical Committee (WP10) Team member.

Ane Fullaondo

PMB member, WP2 Team member, WP3 Team member, WP4 Team member, WP5 Team member, WP8 Team member and WP9 Team member.

Dolores Verdoy

PMB member and STMB member, WPs 1-9 Team member and Ethical Committee (WP10) Team member.