The European Institute for Health Records is an independent European not for profit organisation founded in 2003, promoting the development, assessment and use of high quality EHR systems. EuroRec has participated in or co-ordinated over 80 European projects, including many relating to the interoperability of electronic health records and the reuse of electronic health records for research. EuroRec has been the scientific lead for a Network of Excellence on semantic interoperability and an IMI project on the reuse of EHRs for research. It has also been a partner in projects dealing with interoperability and business models for patient summaries, person centred care, pharmacovigilance and clinical research. EuroRec staff play world leading roles in the development of EHR interoperability standards through CEN and ISO. EuroRec provides services to industry (developers and vendors), healthcare providers (buyers), policy makers and patients. One of its main missions is to support the development of EHR system quality labelling and certification. EuroRec has developed a repository of +1700 validated functional quality criteria for EHR systems, categorised, indexed and translated in 19 European languages as well as a series of tools for using these criteria in the context of quality labelling/certification, procurement and product documentation. EuroRec has published quality seals to incentivise the harmonisation of EHR-systems, supporting the cross-border interoperability of those systems within Europe.

Project Role

EuroRec is Work Package Leader of WP2 Dissemination, Exploitation and Innovation Related Activities and within this the Task Leader of tasks T2.2 Dissemination and Communication Activities, T2.4 Industry Liaison. It also leads Task T4.3 Change Management for New Ways of Care Delivery.

Related Expertise

EuroRec has expertise in dissemination activities as it has led such activities in many past EC projects. It leads C3 Cloud work package 2 on dissemination, exploitation and innovation. It has previously initiated and led industry forums, which is relevant expertise for the industry liaison task. EuroRec has gained a good understanding of the multi-stakeholder challenges with adoption and sustaining health ICT innovations in healthcare, across Europe. It is applying those insights in work package 4, as the leader of a task on change management. EuroRec will also develop quality labelling criteria that are derived from the C3-Cloud architecture and services, and package these as a new quality labelling programme offered across Europe. The quality label will be specifically for EHR systems and care pathways systems that support clinical workflows and care coordination that centre on the patient and specifically support multi agency care teams.

The Team

Dipak Kalra

PhD, FRCGP, FBCS, is President of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data and of the EuroRec Institute. He plays a leading international role in research and development of electronic health record interoperability standards, data and privacy protection, interoperability business models and the reuse of EHRs for research. He has led multiple European projects in these areas, including Horizon 2020 and the IMI programme alongside pharma companies, hospitals and ICT companies. He recently co-led a €16m project on the re-use of EHR information for clinical research, EHR4CR, alongside ten global pharma. He is a partner in another IMI project, EMIF, on the development of a European clinical research platform federating multiple population health and cohort studies. Dipak also led an EU Network of Excellence on semantic interoperability, and is a partner in other EU projects on the sustainability of interoperability assets, the transatlantic sharing patient summaries, multi-morbidity and quality labelling. Dipak is Clinical Professor of Health Informatics at University College London, visiting professor at the University of Gent, and a member of standards bodies including CEN, ISO and HL7.

Geert Thienpont

studied ICT at the Industrial State University B.M.E. Gent. Since 1992, Geert has been involved in over 30 national and international eHealth R&D projects. His daily activities, as project manager, include i) the coordination of the development of web applications (e.g. test-based eLearning, EuroRec Use Tools on certification Process, online tools supporting research), ii )being responsible for the budget control and financial reporting of research and commercial projects, iii) the involvement in the Belgian EHR Certification process, iv) the organization of scientific workshops & conferences and v) supporting national and European scientific associations such as the Microsoft Healthcare User Group Europe (MS-HUGe), MedNet and ProRec-Belgium. Currently, he is President and director of RAMIT (Research in Advanced Medical Informatics and Telematics (vzw-asbl); President of WHiTe3 (World of Health ICT: Education, Events and Exhibitions); Vice President and EU-Project manager of EuroRec and founding member of i~HD (The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data).

Pascal Coorevits

is Professor of Medical Informatics and Statistics at the Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Ghent University (Belgium) and Vice President Research & Development of the European Institute for Health Records (EuroRec). He is also Director of RAMIT (Research in Advanced Medical Informatics and Telematics), an R&D spin-off platform of the Ghent University. He teaches several courses in biostatistics and eHealth related topics. His primary research interests lie in the domain of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and are oriented towards various aspects of quality labelling and certification of EHRs (quality criteria, data quality characteristics, quality labelling and certification models, tools/methodologies for EHR evaluation and conformance testing, semantic interoperability aspects, secondary use of EHR data). Through EuroRec, RAMIT and the Ghent University he has participated in many EU, national and transatlantic eHealth research projects (e.g. ASSIST, EHR-Implement, EHR-Q TN, ARGOS, HITCH, Antilope, EHR4CR, SemanticHealthNet, EURECA, EXPAND,…).

Jos Devlies (MD)

Medical Director of EuroRec, and Senior Researcher, is a physician and involved since 1986 in the development and the commercialisation of EHR systems for General Practitioners. He was president of several health IT companies and is still chairing a cooperative company of Belgian physicians. He was also involved in the development of a clinical glossary, a medicinal product database and integrated clinical decision support applications. He was also involved in standardisation activities, chairing the EN 12610 on Medicinal Product Identification, and participating either as partner or as coordinator in a large number of nationally and European Union funded projects: SHARE, C-Care, C³, eProLearn, Liverdoc, ReMINE and Q-REC. He joined the team of Professor Georges De Moor in 2006. He is actually the main responsible for the content of the EuroRec Certification Repository and has a long experience in certification of EHR products for General Practitioners. He is coordinating the EHR-QTN Thematic Network project, promoting the use of EHR systems and certification of health care systems in more than 25 European countries. He is also author of several recommendations for the Belgian National Health Insurance Authorities, especially regarding clinical pathways management. He is responsible for the EuroRec Certification Repository and is experienced in certification of EHR products for general practitioners.