Empirica has established itself as a leading European and global institute with a broad understanding of the political, strategic, clinical, business and socio-economic questions raised by health system change and eHealth tools. It has provided services to the European Parliament (EP), European Commission (EC), WHO, OECD, European Space Agency (ESA), national and regional governments, healthcare providers, and global eHealth industrial players. This is complemented by its global experience in applying advanced, but pragmatic benefit-cost assessment methods to health system related delivery processes and outcomes. empirica is thus in a position to develop and validate future-proof policies, sustained strategies, business cases, and exploitation scenarios for eHealth supported healthcare delivery.

Project Role

In C3-Cloud, Empirica contributes its expertise in service development to WP4 Patient Pathway and Organisational Model Development & Change Management. In addition empirica will lead WP9 Evaluation and the impact modelling.

Related Expertise

Empirica has accumulated a long standing expertise as a service development expert in the field of integrated care. Examples of relevant projects are the CommonWell, Smartcare and CareWell pilots, in which empirica had taken the lead in user requirements and organisational model design.

Extensive expertise in evaluation and validation stems from projects like PALANTE, where empirica collected more than 6500 questionnaires to evaluate patient empowerment in 9 pilots. For cost effectiveness evaluation and service viability empirica has developed and applied the assessment framework ASSIST. It is currently being applied for integrated care in the SmartCare and CareWell projects.



ASSIST – AsseSSment and evaluatIon toolS for Telemedicine. After being a project for the European Space Agency, ASSIST became a consulting approach widely applied in several ICT projects among them integrated care projects like SmartCare, BeyondSilos and CareWell. ASSIST is based on cost-benefit assessment (CBA) and is founded on the UK Green Book on public sector investment evaluation methodology to assess the impact of innovative ICT services in healthcare. It supported ESA and industry to better focus its R&D and business development efforts on initiatives that have clear and objective added values, thus fostering telemedicine industry to become more innovative and achieve shorter time to market.

The Team

Veli Stroetmann

Patient pathways, organizational model development and change management

Malte von Tottleben

Project evaluation, exploitation plan and innovation related activities, dissemination planning

Daniel Schmidtmann

Patient pathways, organizational model development

Ali Arfa

Evaluation planning