Cambio Healthcare Systems

Cambio Healthcare Systems is a company that delivers products and services to the e-healthcare market. We are one of the largest suppliers in Scandinavia and a growing player in the European market, with more than 100,000 users across general and university hospitals, health centres and specialist units. We are growing continuously and now have roughly 550 employees in our offices in Linköping, Stockholm, Aarhus (DK), Reading (UK) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). Many of these employees have considerable experience in the healthcare sector. Since 1993, Cambio has focused its expertise and capacity on realising its vision of creating a comprehensive IT support system for the entire healthcare system.

Expertise & Project Role

Exploitation experience from 25 years on the European market, responsible for exploitation planning.

Cambio is the leader of Task 2.1 – Exploitation Activities, and will actively engage in all tasks related to System Architecture, Interoperability and Clinical Decision Support. Furthermore Cambio will, as the incumbent provider of the regional EHR in Region Jämtland Härjedalen, facilitate the pilot application deployment at the region.

Related Expertise

The Cambio CDS team is a Stockholm-based product team 100% focused on Clinical Decision Support software products aiming to create the world’s best standards-based open platform for authoring and deploying cloud-based CDS applications. With a varied product catalogue, the Cambio team provides CDS applications to clinicians in all areas of healthcare, regardless of clinical specialty and organisational affiliation. In the development of CDS applications, Cambio CDS utilises the Guideline Definition Language (GDL) to build CDS models. GDL is a formal language used to express clinical guidelines and rules based on EHR standards and reference terminologies. In the C3-Cloud Project, the Cambio produced GDL Editor is being used to create all CDS models. The GDL Editor, which is a part of openEHR’s official specification, includes support for FHIR Resources and CDS Hooks building blocks.

The Cambio CDS team consists of medical professionals, informaticians and software developers united by the singular passion to improve healthcare and save lives.

The Team

Rong Chen

CDS Product Manager

Tomas Mora-Morrison

Founder and Head of Business Innovation

Jimmy Axelsson

Medical Informatics Specialist