Basque Country Pilot

Basque Country overview

Osakidetza is the public healthcare service of the Basque Country, a region located in the north of Spain. Osakidetza was created by the Health Department of the Basque Government in 1983. All the public hospitals and primary care centers of the Basque Region are under this organization. The Basque Health System includes 14 hospitals, more than 100 primary care clinics organized through four different geographical areas, apart from the Mental Health Centers, Emergencies and Basque Transfusions and Human Tissue Centre. More than 30.000 professionals work for Osakidetza, which could be considered the biggest organization of the Basque Country. Osakidetza has a target population of 2.17 million inhabitants, where in 2015 more than 20% of the total population was 65 or older. 100% of Basque population has been stratified since 2010.

Osakidetza has developed processes and tools to promote integrated care Integrated governance bodies between primary care regions and hospital, creating Integrated Care Organizations (OSI), with the support of the deployment of integrated communication systems: Electronic Health Record (EHR), e-prescription, intranets and other communication mechanisms. 100% of Osakidetza centres (including hospitals and primary care centres) have deployed the Unified Electronic Health Record (called Osabide) and the e-Prescription system all over the Basque Country.


C3-Cloud will be piloted at seven Integrated Care Organizations (OSIs): OSI Araba, OSI Ezkerraldea-Cruces, OSI Bibao-Basurto, OSI Donostialdea OSI Bidasoa, OSI Debabarrena, and OSI Tolosaldea. They involve four University Hospitals and several Primary Care Health Centers.


In the Basque Country the number of participants in the study will be 508, being 254 from the intervention branch and 254 from the control branch.

Basque Country Health System

C3-Cloud Overview

Intervention Flowchart