Göran Jönsson is one of the patients in the Region Jämtland Härjedalen participating in the C3-Cloud project. He is also one of a small group of patients testing home monitoring of blood pressure and weight in C3-Cloud. These devices automatically transfer the results to C3-Cloud where both he and his doctor can see the results immediately. His blood pressure readings displayed in C3-Cloud have helped him and the doctor to see that there was no need to increase the medication,

“I have perfect blood pressure at home” Göran says. “So, when I had an appointment with the doctor and then had an elevated blood pressure, I just informed her to look at the results in C3-Cloud. When she saw all the good blood pressure readings I had, she agreed that there was no need to increase the medication”.

The core part of C3-Cloud is the personal care plan. This is a communication and information platform shared by the patient, doctors, nurses, and other care givers. Göran sees C3-Cloud as a good tool for the patients to use so that they can be informed and empowered in order to advance self-managed are. – “Knowledge of your diseases and treatments, increases your capability to contribute to your own treatment and health”. The Covid-19 pandemic has hampered the doctors and nurses from fully making use of C3-Cloud, but as Göran concludes, “C3-Cloud is working fine and I wish it already had been in full use for all patients in the Region due to the present pandemic situation.”

 Photo: Göran controlling his blood pressure at home