C3-Cloud’s innovative technology solutions

It is a digital system using modern computer technology. In simple terms it has two key parts. The first part is the “Personalised Care Plan” and the second part is the “Patient Empowerment Platform” . There is of course a lot of computer based research and technology behind the scenes to support these two elements.

The C3-Cloud multi-morbidity ecosystem (click to enlarge)

The “Personalised Care Plan” is a computer based system that allows the clinical recommendations for different medical conditions to be combined into a recommendation made specifically for an individual patient, taking into account their individual medical conditions. That recommendation can help ensure the patient is on the right medication, has the correct monitoring and can establish suitable treatment goals. Different clinical teams who usually specialise in individual conditions can work together to ensure that each care plan is tailored to each individual patient and their wishes.

The “Patient Empowerment Platform” ensures that the individual patients’ views, wishes and desires are included in managing their care, especially when they have multiple medical conditions. These views and desires can be shared with the whole team looking after them, be they doctors, nurses or informal care givers. This computer system also helps support patients with different task. For example it can support patents with taking their medication, engaging in exercise and ensuring that the psychological element of living with multiple different medical conditions is looked after.

The C3-Cloud project will be tested by looking at 4 different medical conditions. These medical conditions are diabetes, heart failure, renal failure and depression. This testing will take place in 3 different regions of the European Union and the results will be shared to hopefully benefit all patients in the European Union and beyond.